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You seriously can’t even imagine how dissapointed i was that javik didn’t have his own casino outfit, so i decided to fix that. And then i lost control over myself and drew some fancy prothean jammies.

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I was going to review my french and linguistics but then this happened instead.
Except it’s 3.30am so it’s half-assed. //shotdead

But hopefully people will find this of use. \o/ Sorry this took so long, Anon, and I hope it answers your questions.

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Never before have so many come together—from all quarters of the galaxy. But never before have we faced an enemy such as this. The Reapers will show us no mercy. We must give them no quarter. They will terrorize our populations. We must stand fast in the face of that terror. They will advance until our last city falls, but we will not fall. We will prevail. Each of us will be defined by our actions in the coming battle. Stand fast. Stand strong. Stand together. 

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A 2002 Bluebird with a Vanagon on top of it.  Post on A Restless Transplant with more info. 

such a dream.

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That’s my girls by Rakiah